Cate’s Word Board

2016-06-01 16.28.00

To keep the language momentum going I have made Cate a word board so she and everyone in the house can see her progress. I believe this will help motivate her to try new words. I got this idea from another mom. Thank you Jennie!

We learned last week at our revisit for Cate’s intensive treatment program that the main reason keeping Cate from talking is that “I don’t have any person to help. Listen.” She said we need to “listen longer.” This is what she told us using her facilitated communication (letter board). So mom and dad are now taking the time to listen! Wow, it has already made a big difference. It is so easy to get busy and in a routine. It takes Cate longer to answer most of the time and if I don’t take the time to wait for her response she stops trying. That is the unfortunate cycle we have gotten into at the Lewis house. No more. It may take Cate 20-60 seconds to put her word together, breathe deep enough, and coordinate the word coming out but she does it! We are very proud of her. The word board it as much for mom and dad as it is for Cate. Sister Charlie is also getting involved. It is a lot of fun. Cate said the board is “good.” She used her verbal words to tell me!

I am fully expecting the board to be full very soon!

2016-06-01 16.27.40

The next big project is the civil code (a¬†clear responsibility, privilege, award, taxation system). This will be for both girls. I will put it up here when I get it together. We will use poker chips as “money” to earn, lose, and spend. This is a big part of’s social program and my girls are definitely ready.