Crawling Videos of Cate

I have had several people ask to see an updated video of Cate crawling. She is doing great, we are incredibly proud of her! She is consistently crawling 300+ feet each day. I can’t wait until she gets her assisted gravity track and can start creeping! Hopefully we will have it next week.

Right now she is crawling the mat(s) length at least 10 times before she gets her reward (reading a book, spinning in the air, etc.).

Cate is 3.5 years old and about 29 lbs. I would have a hard time crawling on my stomach as much as she does, it is a lot of work. Go Cate!!




One thought on “Crawling Videos of Cate

  1. I loved watching this. My boy Roki is only starting to move a little on the ramp now. We have done the program for 7 months. There is hope! Go Katie! You give us hope! Xx

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