No one said it was easy.

I have had a good number of mom’s and dad’s tell me to enjoy this time with my kids now because it won’t last long. I understand the concept but sometimes it is hard.  I wonder if they can tell I am just trying to managae day by day. Having multiples and a child with a disability is not easy. I keep waiting for the feeling of time to “fly by” and it hasn’t yet come for me. Right now it is late nights, long days, and alot of work! I thought I worked hard in my previous corporate life but it doesn’t even compare.  My children are a wonderful gift from God. If you see me struggling please remind me of this and to enjoy this time. I know that in a few years I WILL cherish these memories.

2 thoughts on “No one said it was easy.

  1. I can only imagine the days you face…what I can tell you is that the “time flying” feeling comes when they are older. I remember when my kids were young and people were telling me the same thing – I always thought ‘if only you saw what I did and experienced in a day’ you wouldn’t say that. Now being the mom of a college freshman and sophomore in high school I understand the time flying – truly I feel like I blinked and my babies were grown. Stay strong, you are in this season for a short time, just take it day by day and lean on those around you to help you through. It isn’t easy and some days, just like EVERY other mom (whether they admit it out loud or not) it feels like too much. We are given grace and strength for each day – lean on God and your support system.

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