Cate Crawling, Talking, and A lot of Smiles!

Cate has had a great few months. Sorry it has been so long since I have written. She is now belly crawling on the flat floor without walls to help her! She is not yet meeting her distance goals of 300 feet/day but independently crawling is a great accomplishment. Her breathing has improved since we started her on the respiratory patterning machine and she has just said her first couplet, “hi daddy”! She is trying to communicate every day now. “The Law” or rules with consequences are working wonderfully. There is much less screaming in the house, car, and when we go out. Since she now knows what is expected of her and acts much better she is able to go more places and we have been able to get more program done with a lot of smiles! She loves to paint and has made some beautiful artwork, beautiful in my eyes.

Cate Coloring

Cate has been very healthy over the past 3 months but unfortunately she has had 2 short seizures. We now know that if we can catch the seizure within the first minute and begin her seizure protocol of masking, we can stop the seizure within 3 minutes each time. Ideally she won’t have any more but I feel like we are better prepared now. The next step is to get a companion dog trained in seizure alert (well this is my dream, hopefully some day).

Cate Smiling

This week Cate is halfway between visits to The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential, 3 months after our last visit and 3 months before we go back. (I would like to say that time has flown fast but I am not sure I can say that yet.) So for the mom it is report time! I have filled out Cate’s interim report including a history, sensory changes, nutrition journal, physical record sheet, and physical and intellectual goal sheets. Some highlights include:

  • Cate crawling about 100 feet each day
  • Cate standing in her VKE machine
  • 16 hours each day on her respiratory patterning machine (day and night)
  • Cate and Charlie learned 537 new words, 19 new books
  • Cate and Charlie learned 300 new bits of intelligence, 0-100 numbers, and 30 equations

I look forward to getting our feedback after sending in the report. I want to emphasize how much I appreciate that we have such a structured, efficient, and very effective program. The staff at The Institutes will carefully review the report and video, ask questions, and adjust Cate’s program and our execution. They are always available to answer questions.

Cate and Charlie Playing

Here is Cate’s interim video. We have now made 5 of these and it is great to look back and see how far she has come! Her crawling is at the end of the video if you want to see that only.

Thank you for following our story and supporting Cate and the rest of us!

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