Trip to IAHP- Day 2 Evaluation

Yesterday we arrived at the Institutes at 9am with Cate and spent the day playing with her friends, reading books, crawling on the floor, playing with new toys… oh yeah and Cate got a full neurological evaluation done.  They were very happy with Cate’s progress.  I sent in reports and videos but they were able to see and test her abilities. There was so much that happened but one thing that I was surprised and impressed with was her tactile competence. Her evaluator showed her a small jingle bell and a small toy elephant and told her what they were.  She mixed them up and put one in each of her hands without her seeing the objects. She asked her to let go of the bell and after about 10 seconds of thinking about it she opened the hand with the bell! She did this three times in a row with different objects.  Not only does she understand what the objects are and the question but she is able to hold on to the objects with assistance and let go of the correct one after feeling the objects.  We are so proud of her!  At home she practices hanging or holding on to my fingers but this is something we do not specifically work on at home. At the end of the week Cate will come back to the Institutes with us and we will get to learn her new program for the next 6 months. Today was a full day of lectures for parents.  We learned some great information.

I was so pre-occupied with Cate and the Institutes that I forgot to take pictures yesterday.  I will do better the rest of the week.





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