All About Charlie

Charlie with shades September 2014

Charlie is our wonderful, spunky, loving, stubborn, and beautiful daughter.  She and Cate are identical twin sisters. I spent the morning with only Charlie today on our adventure of our gymnastics class.  Charlie has been very difficult in class so far and last week I tried a new tactic of timeouts every time she screamed at me.  Well, one warning then 2 minute timeout. We spent almost half of our time in timeout last week but it paid off! This week she was great!!  I was so proud of her.  Only a few small meltdowns and 3 timeouts.  I was pretty picky with her. She is the type of personality that if you give an inch she WILL take a mile:). Everyone in class, including her teacher were very surprised and happy to have less screaming.

Charlie with blanket August 2014

She is really growing up and becoming more independent. I think this week it has finally hit me that she is no longer a baby. Although she still wants her momma throughout the day. We are not taking her to Philadelphia this trip so we will be apart for 7 days. This is not going to be good for me but I am sure she will be fine. We will be facetiming (is that a verb now?) everyday and talking on the phone but it will still be very hard.

Charlie is so good with Cate, other kids and animals. She wants to be everyones friend. Even strangers at the grocery store she yells “hi” to. Charlie likes to talk very loud whether she is happy or sad. She has tried to give all the kids in her gymnastics class a hug and yells “no, no, no” when they run away from her. She gives Cate hugs and loves to pat her on her back just like mom and dad do. She is now giving the dogs kisses and gently pets them. She also loves horses! I believe she will grow up to be a very caring and nurturing women. I suppose you can think of it as some positive when having a sibling with a disability, it builds character even at the age of 2!

Mom and Charlie July 2014

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