Cate Crawling! Graduated from using the inclined floor.

Cate and Charlie have been doing well since my last post.  Cate has been crawling on the floor so well that we were able to take out one of her therapy tools during the day, the inclined floor.  She crawls on the flat floor an average of 150 feet throughout the day!  It was only a couple of months ago that we were ecstatic that she crawled 12 inches.  I was finally able to get a video of her crawling in her bed during story time last night.  Her bed has 2 walls to help her but she also crawls well on the open floor.  One of the most difficult things is to figure out what motivates her in each situation.  She works incredibly hard for each inch.  She is now trying to bring her knees under herself.  I am very excited to see what the IAHP will have us do with her when we go there in September for her evaluation.  Wow, I am just amazed by her progress.

Charlie also started gymnastics class!  All I can say is that she is a vocal, independent girl.  She wants to do what she wants and when she wants.  There is no follow the leader in her!

Charlie Gymnastics

4 thoughts on “Cate Crawling! Graduated from using the inclined floor.

  1. Catie,

    Thanks for the update. That’s wonderful news about Cate! Look at her go. 🙂 Charlie is darling in her gymnastics picture. I’d like to tell you that the “do what she wants when she wants” gets better, but it doesn’t… 🙂

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