Cate said what?! And Raised $4,190 and ordered her machine!

She had said it before about 3 weeks ago but now she is saying “HI” multiple times each day and waving her hand! This is a big accomplishment for many reasons.  She can hear well enough to mimic us, puts her thoughts together to say the word when we do, visually see us wave, and then add in the motor skills it takes to wave her hand.  We are so proud of her! I have tried to get a good picture or video but no luck so far.  Here is the best that I could do.



It is these small yet big accomplishments that keep me going with her intense therapy and gives us all the hope that she will continue to improve and catch up with her peers.  Praise God!

A big thank you to all that have supported our fundraiser!!  We ordered the respiratory machine.  Now we have until September when we go to Philadelphia to raise the rest.

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