$2,050 Raised! Update and Cate’s Medical Team

$2,050 raised already!!  I can’t believe how generous everyone is.  It means more to us than you will ever know.  Thank you to everyone who has supported and shared the site.  Please keep it going. http://www.gofundme.com/by067c


Charlie and Cate enjoying some of their new birthday presents.

IMG_8843 20140722_122243


Cate had another good night.  No further seizure activity.  Her and Charlie are sleeping soundly.  I am not since I get up every hour or so to check on her.  Hopefully that will get better as each day goes by.  She is almost back to acting like herself.  She did a lot of crawling today and yelled at me when I wasn’t giving her enough attention.  As much as we try to be tough she does run the house!  At least we stays busy with her therapy most of the time.

I wanted to spend some time talking and thanking Cate’s medical team.  I have learned a lot since the girls were born and spent 10 weeks in the NICU.  The more you educate yourself and ask questions I believe the better care you or your child will get.  It took some time but Cate has a wonderful medical support team.  I can’t thank them enough.  Working with the Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential (IAHP) has made the most change but the rest of the team here at home have been incredibly supportive.  The pediatrician has listened to our concerns, works with us on vaccines, and communicates with her specialists and the IAHP to keep everything together.  Cate’s neurologist thought I was crazy when I told him no more seizure medication and we would be doing an intense home program including masking her every 5 minutes during the day.  But he went along for the ride and is very pleased with her progress.  He has continued to listen and support Cate’s overall health.  Her neurosurgeon hasn’t been as involved (a good thing) but he too has supported and asked a lot of questions.  Cate also has an occupational therapist that comes to the house and helps her with eating and positioning.  The OT has worked with us and has helped to enhance her program.

Being at the hospital this weekend and seeing new doctors has only made me appreciate Cate’s regular doctors even more.  We got looks of surprise, frustration and indifference by the doctors on call when we shared Cate’s medical plan.  As her neurologist put it Monday morning, you are in the minority.  All I can say is that she is continuing to get better and surprise all of the medical professionals.  Thank you to the doctors and staff at IAHP!  They have given us the tools and explanations to do the best we can for Cate.

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