Healthy and Well

After the girls started to feel better last week I got sick!  Of course.  A high fever, sore throat, etc.  It took me a few days to get my energy back but now we are going strong.  Ryan and I both celebrate our birthdays this week.  Wow, how life has changed in the last few years when it comes to celebrating our life events.  I am sure this is not unusual as you get older and your family grows.  I will say that my husband and friends outdid themselves this year and I had a wonderful birthday celebration for the big 30!  Thank you!

Cate has been doing great with her crawling, IAHP program, and her attitude in general.  I know it helps that the girls have been able to go outside now that the weather is nice.  Cate is crawling 6 feet down the inclined floor in 10 seconds or less about 30 times each day, crawling on the flat (level) floor 1-2 feet about 10 times each day and crawling in the evening and night.  That is a total of 340 feet of crawling each day!  We are so proud of Cate, she works very hard for every inch.


Dad and his girls enjoying the Ohio river and the ducks.

Charlie admiring the ducks on the Ohio river.

Charlie admiring the ducks on the Ohio river.





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