My Kids Eat Better Than I Do

Recent trip to the market.

Recent trip to the market.

I went to the grocery store yesterday to get food for the kids (local vegetables are still out of season).  I thought I would share since this is a big part of Cate’s progress on the Institutes program and really good for Charlie as well.  Each meal that the girls eat, currently 5 meals each day, have the following items with a specific ratio of fats, carbohydrates, and protein:

  1. Leafy green vegetable
  2. Non-leafy green vegetable
  3. Non-green vegetable
  4. Protein
  5. Simple and complex carbohydrate
  6. Fat

I buy as much organic and local that is available and avoiding the high allergy foods.  When we first started the girls on this diet, they were 13 months old, it took me about a month to locate the best and most reasonably priced produce and meat.  I purchase the produce from a local farmer at our farmer’s market (when in season), the meat comes from a local farmer who sells by the cut, and the rest comes from the grocery store or online.  Currently the girls eat mostly steamed and blended food because Cate is not yet chewing her food so Ryan and I do not eat the same food, but we should!  The girls love their food!

This is one of my next challenges: cook meals for all of us following the Institutes guidelines.  I know we would feel better and be much healthier.

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