2 Sick Toddlers

Cate’s fever broke early Saturday morning and then she developed a rash, roseola we assume.  I am not sure how she got it since we hardly leave to do her program and keep her healthy.  Charlie developed the fever Sunday night and it broke Monday morning.  Yesterday was a long day with two sick and fussy toddlers with only one mom to keep them happy.

The best news is that Cate did not have any seizures, even with a temperature up to 102.9 F!  She stopped crawling for a few days and some of her stiffness came back but she was doing better last night.  Hopefully she will get back on track in the next couple of days.

Unfortunately we did not get that beautiful Easter Sunday picture with everyone in their colorful dresses.  We made it to church but with tired parents (lack of sleep from a fussy Cate) and an unhappy Cate who just wanted to go back to bed.  Happy Easter!

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